VIDEO: Correcting eyelines (VFX)

There were several shots in How to Get Away with it in which an actor’s eyeline did not match the natural eyeline of the scene/conversation. This was caused by the non-linear shooting schedule and continuity errors…and of course this being my first time dealing with a project on this scale.

The errors are sometimes obvious, which requires a visual effect correction.

In the future I’ll provide a more detailed explanation, but essentially what I did was duplicate the shot twice, creating a ‘repositioned eye’ shot (moved over slightly to the left or right) and a ‘cut out’ shot (with the eyes cut out).

I had to add extensions of eye-whites, shading, red veins and room reflection, to give the eyes a natural appearance.

Sorry for the shoddy video — I realized I had created the example project using 30fps instead of the negative’s 24 and, interlaced. OOPS. I’m too tired to start it over again.

Anyhow, thanks for reading!


ART: Second storybook printed!


For the second year, my wife an I have self-published a little storybook for our relatives — a fun and cute little book for the holidays, starring our son and his two cousins (see last years’ here). The printed copies finally arrived and look great, thanks to!

This year we had a bit more time to work on it — so I was able to put a bit more thought into its overall look. We agreed on less text and the appearance of children’s drawings. So I purchased a bunch of crayons from Dollarama and went to work.

I’ll post some of the interior artwork soon.

ART: T-shirt Design


At work I was tasked with designing a t-shirt — something unconventional and unique. Based on my manager’s input and suggestions from the promo department, I came up with this. It’s definitely a departure from the station’s standard, clean logo.