Here’s a graphic I created from scratch for no reason. Below are the layers used to bring this cosmos to life:

Award-winning film!

So my film, “How to Get Away with it” was officially selected to premiere at the 2018 Prison City Film Festival in Huntsville, Texas at the beginning of March. Not only did the premiere go well, we also won an award for Best Feature Film! An amazing achievement for the cast and crew! Below are a few pictures from the festival of Sean Marjoram (Director of Photography) and I accepting the big award.

Book cover designs

I’ve been doing some design work lately for romance author Jenny Lynn. The images are mostly stock, but there is of course design and editing that goes into them.

I also produced a book trailer for Lynn’s latest novel, “Playing Me”.

Click to buy from Amazon
Click to buy from Amazon
Click to buy from Amazon


Get ready for 6000 pictures of sharks…

Okay, so it took me 11 months to upload pictures from the aquarium. BIG DEAL. I’ve been a little busy.

The story goes… on the last day my Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada family pass expired, I decided to go — without my family! It was a frigid late January Monday night (-30 outside). I brought my nice camera and to my surprise — there were only five other people at the aquarium that evening. It felt extremely exclusive and private.

More pics of other aquatic life coming soon.

The new toonie

So this is obviously not a real $2 coin; I made it based on reports of a polar bear, on Baffin Island (Canada) that was photographed desperately searching for food, and very likely starving to death.

Since there are more polar bears in Canada than you could shake a stick at, and it’s featured on our money, I thought it would be prudent to show how wildlife can suffer even in our own backyard.


Going off the deep end with infographs

In the fall my radio station hired DART Insight to conduct a poll, asking Torontonians about issues the city is currently facing, from immigration to police conduct to home ownership. The results were surprising (you can see them all here). I was asked to produce shareable infographs using the data, to make the results look more interesting and impactful.

BeerTalk 1010

It’s no secret that everyone who works in radio likes to imbibe. To honour this unique quality, my radio station came out with a limited-run beer. Brewed by Great Lakes Brewery, the In-Depth IPA (draught and can) sold out in bars and at the GLB beer store in under two weeks.

I designed the logo for label, a slight variation on the station’s logo. While I had my boss’ blessing (and orders), I heard that corporate was not very happy.

Below are a few of the variations I came up with:



DVD cover design

Here’s a DVD cover design for my film, “How to Get Away with it”. It’s just press screener, not an official release.

Choose Your Own Adventure

To celebrate the anniversary of our first date, I made my wife a mock Choose Your Own Adventure book. If she makes the wrong choice, she could be doomed.


This is a test post for a movie I made.

Making it rain

A breakdown of the layers used in making it look like the couple is being showered with cash.

Below is the result, for a cash giveaway contest:

Stills from my movie!

Everyone that knows me would tell you that I’ve been working on a movie for the past three years. Literally, almost every day for the past three years. Well I’m happy to announce that it is FINISHED! DONE! And it’s wicked!

Actually I finished it at the end of July. I’ve been submitting it to film festivals since then. I don’t expect to hear back from any of them until November at the earliest.

You can read more about the movie here: Check out some stills from the film below:

Publicity stills:

Christmas Book #3


OKAY — so every year my wife and I make a book for our son and his two cousins because we’re horrible at buying gifts. Below you’ll see the artwork for the most recent story.

My wife wrote it and I produced the illustrations.


Sound booth

Here’s how I spend my summer nights: stuffed inside this homemade sound booth — recording foley. It took me about a week to assemble this shantytown-esque sound booth; the inside is lined with kitchen liner, which, surprisingly, cuts down A LOT of reverberation.

For more info about my film, check out


Logo & product design (demo)


I imagined what it would be like to create a friendly and marketable logo, brand and product, for an item that some might find…difficult to swallow.

I decided to use Soylent Green as my product. Because, why not? If I’m going to go in, I’m going all the way.

Above, you can see two versions of the product logo. Looks good, right? Wait til you see the foodstuffs below. All made from Soylent Green. All 100% “natural”. Go green!

So it was a fun experiment and a quirky way to show off some of my design skills.



Sometimes when my wife and I are trying to figure out what to do for an evening-in, I propose ideas with illustrated options like the above. A) I edit while she works on her novel nearby, or B) we watch a movie. The latter option usually wins!


Here are a few select storyboards from my feature film, How to Get Away with it.

I drew storyboards for the entire script, which the production team really appreciated as it helped us determine how much we could shoot from relatively the same angles in the limited time we had. The boards served mainly as a guide — there were some shots/angles that changed on location and some we simply did not have time to pull off.

Second storybook printed!


For the second year, my wife an I have self-published a little storybook for our relatives — a fun and cute little book for the holidays, starring our son and his two cousins (see last years’ here). The printed copies finally arrived and look great, thanks to!

This year we had a bit more time to work on it — so I was able to put a bit more thought into its overall look. We agreed on less text and the appearance of children’s drawings. So I purchased a bunch of crayons from Dollarama and went to work.

I’ll post some of the interior artwork soon.

T-shirt Design


At work I was tasked with designing a t-shirt — something unconventional and unique. Based on my manager’s input and suggestions from the promo department, I came up with this. It’s definitely a departure from the station’s standard, clean logo.

Promotion: Cash giveaway


NEWSTALK 1010 is handing out some cash at gas stations in the GTA. I designed the sleeve, as pictured above (outside) and below (inside). I have included the cut lines on these proofs.


Sales media kit design

In the spring I was tasked with redesigning the NEWSTALK 1010 sales media kit. The color scheme is consistent with established branding guidelines and the process itself was highly collaborative with the General Sales Manager.

Illustrated storybook


My wife and I worked together to create a storybook titled, “The Big Wish,” as a Christmas gift last year. Jenn wrote the story (no easy feat — writing children’s fiction) and I illustrated it afterwards. We had it bound together by

The story is about My son, Harrison, and his two cousins Lucas and Lilah. The three kids wish for a big adventure one evening and discover items from their personal quilts come to life the following day.

As you can see from the pic above, my son can barely keep his hands off of it.

I’ve included a few of the artwork panels below:

Thanksgiving pie chart

Thanksgiving 2014 “pie chart” that illustrates exactly what food I consumed during this year’s holiday feast.


The supermoon will kill us all. August 10, 2014.


You thought sharks flying through the air was terrifying? How about bears riding waves of lava. Hungry bears. Why can’t this be a movie?

Ballad of Ol’ Robbie Ford

This is a mock album cover I designed for a single, “Ballad of Ol’ Robbie Ford” that Mike Toth, sportscaster from Newstalk 1010 recorded following our Mayor’s admission to smoking crack. I played guitar on the track which you can hear below:

Baby announcement

“New Baby” Announcement: My wife and I came up with the idea, figuring I drink coffee like a maniac, she adores DavidsTea and our baby will be jonesin’ for milk.