2018 sizzle reel

Here’s my 2018 sizzle reel!

All photography, video, editing, sounds and music by Andrew Dunlop.

© 2018.

Book trailer: ‘Playing Me’

A trailer for a romance novel by author Jenny Lynn. “Playing Me” is about a rock star who falls in love with an up-and-coming artist on the same record label. The label uses his stardom to craft a fake relationship between the two to boost sales. However, the two musicians eventually fall in love.

Click HERE to read it or buy it!

The trailer consists entirely of stock footage so I was primarily editing it, sending the edits to Lynn, then tweaking it more and more. I also composed and recorded the music myself. The bass line is from a song I wrote in 2010 called, “Gallows of Your Heart”. When I sent the bass line to Lynn, she said she loved it and wanted it for her trailer.

Kia car contest

My radio station wanted to give away a car this fall by giving keys to 20 people, one of which would start the engine. To promote this cool contest, a couple of the hosts took the vehicle for a test drive.

No exterior shots of the car were taken as this model was not the exact model or vehicle color to be given away for the contest.

Princess Margaret Home Lottery – show home

Here’s a video I shot in the summer of the Princess Margaret Home Lottery’s grand prize giveaway: A 6,000 sq foot mansion.

It’s not my thing.

I need at least 6,010 square feet to feel at-home.

Correcting eyelines (VFX)

There were several shots in How to Get Away with it in which an actor’s eyeline did not match the natural eyeline of the scene/conversation. This was caused by the non-linear shooting schedule and continuity errors…and of course this being my first time dealing with a project on this scale.

The errors are sometimes obvious, which requires a visual effect correction.

In the future I’ll provide a more detailed explanation, but essentially what I did was duplicate the shot twice, creating a ‘repositioned eye’ shot (moved over slightly to the left or right) and a ‘cut out’ shot (with the eyes cut out).

I had to add extensions of eye-whites, shading, red veins and room reflection, to give the eyes a natural appearance.

Sorry for the shoddy video — I realized I had created the example project using 30fps instead of the negative’s 24 and, interlaced. OOPS. I’m too tired to start it over again.

Anyhow, thanks for reading!


Teaser for How to Get Away with it

I completed the trailer to my first feature film in July. The film is still in post-production, with a picture lock expected at the end of the month. I am editing the feature and also edited the trailer. The color correction was done by Director of Photography Sean Marjoram.

In Space No One Can Hear You Chewed

A short stop-motion video of an astronaut being devoured by a giant burger on a small planetoid. I have not made a stop-motion video in a while, so one thing I learned from this experience is that the camera must be absolutely stable during each exposure.

George R.R. Martin interview

Game of Thrones creator and author George R.R. Martin swung by the Newstalk 1010 studios to discuss the success of his historical fiction series of books and developing ‘Thones into a TV show. This interview was recorded in March of 2012.

Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark)

Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) from HBO’s Game of Thrones stopped by Newstalk 1010 to talk with Ryan Doyle about how amazing the first season of the show was and the highly-anticipated second season, coming soon. This interview was recorded in March of 2012.

Chris Hadfield Interview

John Moore from NEWSTALK 1010 interviewed Chris Hadfield back in the fall of 2013. I was fortunate enough to shoot and edit the interview, and meet the famous astronaut. © 2013.

Astral Media F’13 Sizzle Reel

Astral Radio Fiscal ‘13-‘14 Sizzle Reel – With Lloyd Robertson

I didn’t write it, or develop the concept — my role was purely production; shooting, editing and visual effects. The Virgin reel was produced by Scott Wallace and the Boom reel was produced by Steve Saylor. All copyrighted music, images and video clips are used without permission for esthetic value only.

Valentine’s Day: Chocolate & Wine

As Valentine’s Day approaches, our resident wine expert Andre Proulx (the Wine Review) pairs wines with chocolates at Xococava with chocolatier Sopia Andrade. © 2013.

Kevin O’Leary: The Cold, Hard Truth

John Tory chats with Kevin O’Leary about his new book, “The Cold, Hard Truth on Men, Money and Women.” Kevin elaborates on dating, marriage and pets. © 2013.

Ryan Doyle Tours Chop Steakhouse

Ryan Doyle, co-host of Friendly Fire on Newstalk 1010 receives a personal tour of Chop Steakhouse from Chef Mike Nezny. Chop, the client, was promised a promotional video with one of the radio station’s hosts to appease another campaign gone awry. © 2013.

Santa Chat Promotional Spot

Every Christmas Newstalk 1010 lets kids call in and talk to Santa Claus (played by a station staff member). This is a promotional spot I shot in front of a green screen.  © 2012.

Ted Woloshyn Tours Tom’s Place

Ted Woloshyn, another host from Newstalk 1010, tours Tom’s Place, a self-proclaimed institution of the eclectic Kensington Market neighbourhood in Toronto. This promotional video was made for a contest, hence the way in which it ends. © 2012.

Day of the Alpacas!

A pair of Alpacas from Arriba Linea Farms stopped by NEWSTALK 1010: Jim Richards gets up & close with the fluffy guys in celebration of National Alpaca Farm Days (Sept. 29-30, 2012). © 2012.

Doug Gilmour In Studio

Former Maple Leafs Captain Doug Gilmour popped into the studio to tell John Moore about his upcoming charity baseball game, Dougieball, taking place at Christie Pits in Toronto. © 2012.

The Transit of Venus at Sunset (June 5 2012)

At 8:40pm on June 5 2012 I began to photograph the transit of Venus in front of the setting sun. Venus’ transit between the earth and sun will not be seen again for over 100 years. I took approximately 975 photos as the sun set and compiled them into this video. The music is “Antennas to Heaven” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (used without permission for esthetic value only). © 2012.

In The Heights: Cast Interviews

Ryan Doyle visits the Toronto Centre for the Arts to chat with cast members of the off-broadway Tony Award winning production, In The Heights. © 2012.

Zack the Dog Meets Trixie

NEWSTALK 1010 host John Moore allows dog guru Brad Pattison to teach Zack the Dog to interact with fellow host Robert Turner’s dog, Trixie. © 2012.

In-Depth & Interactive Video Graphics

Video graphics I composed for the NEWSTALK 1010 In-depth & Interactive radio panel at the Steam Whistle Brewery. Graphics were created for print and translated into video. © 2012.

Friendly Fire Does Winterlicious

Can a chocolate-less dessert exist? The Friendly Fire crew tests this theory out at Lucien (36 Wellington Street East), one of the many Toronto restaurants participating in Winterlicious 201. © 2012.

Monty Python’s Terry Jones

Terry Jones of Monty Python fame drops by to chat with John Moore about the Python legacy, the late Dr. Robert Buckman and his health tips initiative. © 2012.

Parenting expert Lenore Skenazy

Lenore Skanazy, famous for ‘free-range children’ drops by to chat with John Moore about her new TV show, Bubble Wrap Kids. © 2012.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade

John Moore talks with financial expert and TV host Gail Vaz-Oxlade about her new book and saving tips. © 2012.

Newstalk 1010 Action Figures: Friendly Fire

Ryan Doyle and John Downs the action figures fight Evil Occupy Protesters. A tongue-and-cheek project for the holiday season at work. Audio production by NEWSTALK 1010’s Imaging Producer, Chris Kant. © 2011.

Newstalk 1010 Action Figures: John Moore

John Moore the action figure pacifies the Taxman. A tongue-and-cheek project for the holiday season at work. Audio production by NEWSTALK 1010’s Imaging Producer, Chris Kant. © 2011.

Newstalk 1010 Action Figures: Jim Richards

Jim Richards the action figure defends the neighbourhood from the Crazy Conservative. A tongue-and-cheek project for the holiday season at work. Audio production by NEWSTALK 1010’s Imaging Producer, Chris Kant. © 2011.

Newstalk 1010 Action Figures Spot: Jerry Agar

Jerry Agar the action figure takes on the Union Boss Man. A tongue-and-cheek project for the holiday season at work. Audio production by NEWSTALK 1010’s Imaging Producer, Chris Kant. © 2011.

Newstalk 1010 Action Figures: John Tory

John Tory the action figure takes on Middle Management Man. A tongue-and-cheek project for the holiday season at work. Audio production by NEWSTALK 1010’s Imaging Producer, Chris Kant. © 2011.

Cash Cab: Friendly Fire Edition!

Ryan Doyle and John Downs take a ride in the Cash Cab with host Adam Growe, to answer the ultimate question: Who on the Friendly Fire is the smartest? With help from Andre Proulx. Cash Cab is a Registered Trademark of Discovery Channel Canada. Video shooting and editing by Andrew Dunlop. © 2011

Friendly Fire Introduction Featurette

Friendly Fire with Ryan Doyle and John Downs, weekdays from 7pm-10pm on NEWSTALK 1010. This was a quick introduction featurette I shot with Ryan and John the other night. Scripted by John. © 2011.

Joe Carter in Studio

Two-time World Series Champion and former Blue Jay Joe Carter joins John Moore in studio this morning to talk about baseball, the walk-off home run and his charity foundation. © 2011

Jason Priestly Interview

NEWSTALK 1010 host John Moore caught up with Canadian actor Jason Priestly morning to talk about his new show and life behind the camera. © 2011.

Deep-frying at Dangerous Dan’s

Newstalk 1010 morning host John Moore and Lyndsey Vanstone meet James McKinnon, owner of Dangerous Dan’s on Queen Street for a morning of deep-frying experimentation! © 2011.

Stock Footage Compilation

A compilation of some stock footage of Toronto I collected the other day for NEWSTALK 1010. This is actually how fast people move in the city. Shots include Toronto City Hall, Bay Street, Old City Hall, CN Tower, John Street, Scotiabank Theatre, OCAD. © 2011

Ryan Doyle VS John Downs

NEWSTALK 1010 hosts Ryan Doyle and John Downs debate the issue of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford skipping out on the Pride Parade in July 2011. © 2011.

Stop Motion Experiments: #1

My first stop motion experiment since I was very young. Shot with the Canon 550D, touched up with Magic Bullet. No audio. © 2011.